Virus Removal




Slow PC or Odd Behaviour?

If your PC is being very very slow, or exhibiting odd behaviour (such as taking you to spurious web pages), then it could be that a virus has got around your anti-virus protection. Once in, they can be notoriously difficult to remove.



Fake Anti-Virus

Sometimes a realisitic looking anti-virus program installs itself on your PC and falsely announces a number of worrying infections, typically followed by a request for payment (normally in US Dollars) for their removal . Whatever you do, do not part with your credit card information. Again, these infections do everything possible to prevent their removal, which is where I can help.



Hacked Email

Another common cause of frustration is where someone gets hold of your email account password, and then proceeds to send an email to everyone in your contact list suggesting that you are stranded in a foreign country and urgently need funds. In this case you should always contact your email provider to have them change your email password, but you will also need to carefully check your computer for the virus which captured your password in the first place.




Not quite a virus, but if you have a problem with excessive spam emails, then I can advise you of some very good solutions for spam filtering, which dynamically learn what you consider to be spam or not.