PC Repairs

Surrey Hills PC performs a wide variety of Desktop PC repairs in and around Leatherhead. Listed below are just some of the repairs that can be carried out, at a fraction of the cost and far more quickly than quoted by stores like PC-World.


  • PC power supply replacement (PC won't start)
  • Hard disk upgrade (to bigger or additional disk)
  • Desktop PC Windows problems resolved (eg PC won't start)
  • Desktop PC Motherboard replacement (unit won't power on)
  • Corrupt file system rectification (PC crashes during boot)
  • Desktop virus removal (odd behaviour or running slow)
  • PC overheating solutions (noisy fan struggling to cool system)
  • Desktop PC Spring Clean (preventative maintenance)



I have experience of repairing many models of Desktop PC including Dell, HP, Compaq, Acer and many others.

The above is just a selection of repairs that can be carried out. Please contact me to discuss your particular requirement.

Repairs normally take upto 7 working days depending on availability of spare parts. All repairs are carried out on my premises; your laptop will not be sent away to a third party.

Included with any repair is a Spring clean valet service, clearing out any internal dust that could lead to over-heating as well as an external clean up.