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For anyone still using a slow dial up connection, the move to broadband is certainly worthwhile. And with some vendors making their dial up connections prohibitively expensice and can often be cheaper to move to broadband.

But there are lots of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) out there, each with many different packages giving you literally thousands to choose from. As well as providing basic broadband connectivity they often have packages that combine telephone calls and/or line rental. I can advise which package might be best for you, and identify any cost savings.

The ISPs also have varying reputations with regard to service, connection speed and reliability. And some (even big name vendors) are plain awful. I can advise you which ones to keep away from.

When you apply for a broadband connection you will find that there are lots of options, including the type of modem or router, free or paid setup, number of email accounts, domain name registration, etc, etc. I can help you through the application process.

Although installation is sometimes as easy as plugging in the modem (assuming your ISP provides it pre-configured – most do not), you will still have to configure your email application for broadband, and perhaps copy over any contacts from your old email application.

And if you choose to implement a wireless network at the same time, I can help with the addition of any further devices (a laptop for example), or setting up of wireless printing or file sharing.



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